Santa vs. Joseph

Oh my Will, always so happy to see Santa and tell him what to bring for Christmas. 
Joseph on the other hand ...

He wants nothing to do with the big guy in red. 

This year I suggested Joseph try standing next to Santa. But no, I was not even 
going to get that. Tears people, tears! I may or may not have yelled, "Stop crying. This is 
suppose to be fun!" I had backed down by the time we got to Bass Pro (yep, because
they have games and activities and 4-wheelers). But Santa didn't give up as easily ...

Santa waved a candy cane. Joseph looked up at me. I told him if he wanted the candy cane
he'd have to get it himself. So slowly, slowly Joseph inched closer. He got the candy cane 
but let his guard down for just a second because Santa reached both hands out and plopped 
Joseph on his lap. So fast I didn't have time to say that's okay Santa, no need to push. 
But there Joseph sat. I waited for the screaming and wailing. But Joseph just ... pouted. 
There were a few chuckles from fellow parents as the photographer clicked away. Not sure if Joseph even talked to Santa. He says he did but I did not see an exchange. 

And the candy cane is mine! 
(For non-locals, Joseph is posing here like Vulcan.) 
Happy to forget all the drama and get back to playing.

And you can't go to Bass Pro and not
sit on a 4-wheeler. Heck, I even sat on one.