Jump into the new year

So you may be thinking — Gee Christina, where are all your posts about walking?!
Way to NOT keep your resolution. Well, I did walk, okay more like shuffle, from the bed to the couch and then back again on January 2. And January 3, I walked from the van to the doctor's office. Seems the combination of a sinus infection and head cold was just too much. UNCLE! Slowly feeling better with antibiotics on board. January 4th William and I walked the length of the mall and back looking for school shoes with no success. No longer can one get just about anything at the department store!

Today I walked up and down the alley (big hill!) a couple of times while the boys jumped and jumped and jumped. Our lucky boys got a trampoline for Christmas from the grandparents. It's been a big hit! Sunday the high was around 55 and I would guess the boys spent close to three hours jumping (off and on). That is a lot of jumping! But there will be no jumping today. Or walking for that matter unless I find someplace warm. High temperatures will be around 22. What?! Coldest weather for Alabama in 10 years! And we are cold-weather wimps! Most of the city is shutting down because we don't know how to drive on sunny days. Add ice and watch the tires spin. Forget getting any milk or bread in a 50-mile radius. But don't worry too much about the South. We'll be back in the 60s by the end of the week.

So let's review: I don't walk when I'm sick. I don't do cold weather either.

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