I DO have a type!

I like to kid my Mom about her TV-viewing habits, past and present ...

Her type is so obvious! She likes brunettes who play by the rules but are willing to break them when necessary. Bonus points if you recognize all the shows.* 

I never thought of myself as having a "type" but recently it dawned on me …

I like British guys (and Scots!) with dark hair and smoldering eyes.

He's Canadian. Close enough.

And my No. 1 British guy right now is Benedict Cumberbatch. Because Sherlock is one amazing show. And he is one amazing actor who seems to be having fun and treats the fans well. 

Come on,  isn't he just adorable!

*Magnum, P.I., MacGyver, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, NCIS and JAG. 
But you didn't really need the answers, did you?