Work in progress

I've started to dismantle the nursery (sniff, sniff). With Joseph in his big boy bed, it's time to return the crib to Aunt Lenora. The plan right now* is for the nursery to be a computer room/playroom/whatever with the boys' room having a reading nook. Still not sure where the legos are going to end up. Or the art easel. But that's why it's a work in progress.

The train table got moved to the living room to act as a coffee table which freed up a lot of space in the boys' room. Next step was to move the little bookcase from the nursery into the boys' room. Yes, we have a lot of books. Yes, I know we have a lot of books. Books are awesome!

Now all this room is missing is some comfortable seating. How about this from the Land of Nod ...

Or (the real reason for this post) Hey Mom, let's make some Rollie Pollies ...

*I reserve the right to change the plan at anytime without prior notice.

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