A berry patch of our own

As much as we would like one, we don't have a real garden — just a few tomato plants, some strawberries that won't die and a rather nice rosemary bush. I dream of having a big garden like my grandfather. It was something to see but then, he was raised on a farm. I'm now two generations removed from the farm and my thumb is more brown than green (except when it comes to African violets. Those I can keep those alive). 

But we do have a very pesky "weed" thriving (THRIVING!) and striving to take over one side of the house. One that provides us with the u-pick experience just steps away from the back door. The birds get most of our wild blackberry crop but that's okay with me ... these berries are tart! At some point, we'll have to tackle the brambles with some heavy-duty gloves but for now, it's fun to share nature's bounty with the boys.

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