"What a piece of junk!"

(I'm way behind on the posting, please allow me to catch up.)

We scored big (BIG!) at this year's AUMC PDO yard sale. Held the first weekend in March, the sale is the school's big fundraiser. We, the parents, spend all week sorting, pricing, talking and keeping an eye out for the things we want. It's a lot of work but for a great cause — our kids! Given that I've been helping since Will attended, this was at least my fifth year, maybe even sixth, to participate.

I came home with some nice goodies — a green purse, a huge square basket, odds and ends for the kitchen. But the find of the day went to Will — the Millennium Falcon Lego set #4504. It's rare. It's retired. At 985 pieces, it's the biggest lego set we've ever bought. Priced at $10, I doubled it because I knew what a steal it was and hey, all the money is for the kids.

Here's the best part — the box was open but all the pieces were there! Even the minifigs! Double wow! It took forever to build (mostly because we had to work when Joseph was not around) and is a little fragile so not really for play, but so, so cool.

*Psst ... headline comes from the movie. Not a comment on the set.

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