Random Thoughts No. 20

I don't get much computer time these days. Chris is running off with the laptop more now that he has resumed his title of international auto journalist extraordinaire. Check out the work by him and the rest of the awesome folks at Autoblog if you want to know everything and anything about cars.

Now you would think having the computer out of the house would equal a cleaner house. Don't worry, I've found plenty of books to fill the void. I picked up "Shades of Gray" by Jasper Fforde at the library yesterday afternoon. I'll finish it this morning. If you miss Douglas Adams as much as I do and think the Monty Python guys deserve knighthood, you will like his writing style. Much thanks to Hannah for introducing me to Fforde's work by sharing the first Thursday Next book, "The Eyre Affair."

What I need to be re-reading is "The Hunger Games." The movie is almost here! Release date of March 23. I can't wait to see the novel on the big screen! We'll be out of town for a wedding that weekend, but maybe, just maybe, I can sneak off to a movie theater.

We're all about movies lately. Joseph is loving the Disney VHS movie collection given us some years back. Yes, be amazed that we have a working VHS player. We've watched "Peter Pan" and "The Aristocats " over and over and over. That Peter Pan guy is quite the cad. It might surprise you to hear this is a new concept to our house ... Will is a "one view and done" kid. There are a few things he watched over and over but not much. Joseph, on the other hand, can watch something again and again and again ... now, we're trying not to watch TV all day but rainy days and sick days happen.

Movies to recommend? Books you like? What's on your mind these days?