Valentines for everyone else

Want to pass out valentines just like the kiddos? Here's some grown-up options ...

I know Will would have loved to hand these army men to his classmates but the song lyrics would totally be lost on them. However, my peers would chuckle. From Jac o' lyn Murphy.

I think the whole country is falling for Mr. Bates. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, get thee Season 1 of Downton Abbey straight away! A big thanks to Chad Thomas for designing four valentines for the Abbey obsessed. Get them here.

I'm a fan of Hallmark. Worked there for several years and loved it. Valentine's Day was always fun because we'd stay open late for those guys (yes, it was mostly guys) needing last-minute presents. But if you are no where near a store, here's some options to print at home ...

Card and coupons from How About Orange

Five pretty options from Sweet Muffin Suite

I think anyone would love to receive this sweet sentiment from The Letter 4.

If you're on Pinterest as much as I am (come on, admit it) then you have probably seen these felt arrows from Homework. About to make a half dozen myself to decorate with. Would also make cute gift toppers or individual valentines for friends. 

Find more inspiration on my Valentine's ideas Pinterest board.

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