File under L for Lego

You know we love the legos around here. What I don't love so much is trying to keep the instruction booklets intact. And away from little hands. So I've been looking for a solution.

I found it recently at the local thrift store in the form of a vintage metal filing box. It works great! I threw in some file folders and Will can easily find what he wants, when he wants (without mommy's help too).

Of course, I wanted to research this item before telling you about it. Writing on the locking mechanism says it's the Porta-File by the makers of the famous Skotch Kooler. Made by the Hamilton-Skotch Corp. of Hamilton, Ohio. Vintage Skotch Koolers look to be a popular item on eBay. Designed by Petra Cabot in 1952, she set out to "make the best-looking bucket anybody ever saw." You probably have seen one before. If you saw it in your grandmother's kitchen, best get your hands on it quick.

Back to my Porta-File, it's selling on eBay and Etsy from $10-30 ... so paying $3 was quite the bargain for me. Not sure what's better — having the Lego instructions all in one place or the thrill of finding something is worth more than I paid.