No, we don't need any more. The shelves are fully loaded, groaning with each added book. But I still want more and the boys don't complain. Thank goodness for library book sales. This weekend was one of my favorites at Emmet O'Neal. I always find awesome titles and a few vintage gems. A couple of these are going on eBay (or Etsy? I don't know. What do you think?). I've got to pay for this hobby somehow!*

I don't pick these books willy-nilly. My book sale strategy (of course I have a strategy!) is to first pull any book that looks interesting. I usually have quite a tall stack. Then I sit, have a look at each one, decide what I want and put the rest back.

Here are the highlights, from the top:

The only book officially for momma, "Lost in a Good Book" is the second title in the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. I highly recommend. Especially if you miss Douglas Adams.

"Rain Makes Applesauce" ... reviewed here. So I wasn't going to leave it there.

"The Princess Book" ... is not your average princess book. The introduction tells us "many princesses are pink and pretty and protected." But the princesses in this book are "energetic, resourceful, funny — princesses who can run fast, think quick and look beautiful all the while. Princesses who will speak to girls of today." It almost makes me wish for a girl of my own to share it with. Because whether it's 1974, the book's copyright, or 2012, girls need strong role models.

"The First Book of Gardening" ... by Virginia Kirkus, 1956. This might be the book to get the boys and I playing in the dirt. It's written clearly and covers the basics. Best of all, the illustrations by Helene Carter are fantastic — black and white pencil drawings with the addition of light green accents throughout. Simple yet elegant. 

"The Daddy Book" ... Chris is getting this for Father's Day. You can find pictures of it here. It's far-out groovy.

"A Book of Christmas" ... This could possibly be the best find of the day. Copyright 1979, it's a 
3-D book with gorgeous illustrations by Tasha Tudor. In just about perfect condition too. Worth way more than the $2 paid for it. It's a very nice addition to the Christmas book stash.

Not pictured is an illustrated history book "Alabama Mounds to Missiles" from 1962. We've been enjoying it already. It should get a post all of its own.

Looks like the rest of the day will be spent trying to find a place for all these "new to us" reads.

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*See a book you're interested in? Send me an e-mail.