Random Thoughts No. 17

You can now find me on Pinterest. Yes, I caved! I didn't want to join because I knew I would like it and waste even more time on the computer. As Will has been saying lately about his favorite things, "I don't like it, I love it!" It's like bookmarking but much, much cooler.

This video is worth your time ...

Two years ago this week, the hops were freed. It was a long fight, but one can now buy draft beer to-go in Alabama and better-tasting high gravity beers at that. While my beer-lovin' husband brings home beer all the time, recently he brought home treat for me ... Sprecher Root Beer. I'm not a root beer connoisseur but it was tasty! Now I want to try more of their gourmet sodas. And it got me thinking a lot about root beer. There is a recipe for homemade root beer in Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook — which I know someone got permission from GP to share on their site and I was going to link to it but can't find it and I've looked for two days GIVING UP! But in my fruitless search I did find these gems ...

Boozy root beer
Paula Deen's Root Beer Float Cake

I would love to have a couple of these railroad plates. Talk about making dinner fun!

School is almost out for summer here but that means summer reading programs will start up soon. We're big fans of what our libraries have planned! Check your local library for details. Nationally, Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program too — Kids earn a FREE book by reading eight books.

Our exciting weekend plans? Will's graduating from preschool this Sunday. CAPS and GOWNS oh my! 

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  1. Okay, I was going to comment on Pinterest b/c I have the same thoughts you noted about being afraid you'd waste more time on the computer. But THEN I read about your taste of Sprecher Root Beer and I must say, it is my husband's all-time favorite soda. He went to college in Milwaukee and took me on a Sprecher Brewery tour during one of my visits... their cream soda is VERY good too! :)