My Happy Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! We just got back from Cracker Barrel where I ate a wonderful breakfast with my boys. The rest of the day we're just going to chill around the house. Maybe I'll get to take a nap! 

First I want to show off my presents. 

Will made me this beautiful tote bag at school. 
I love anything with their little handprints!

Joseph brought me a blue flower. So sweet. 

I got in on the gift giving too. I made "momma bird" necklaces for my dear neighbors. It truly takes a village and I'm glad to have
 some wonderful ladies in my tribe. 

Now they get to share some of my nest obsession!

(FYI, I make up my bird nest pendants as I go along but there are some great tutorials out there and a couple of how-to videos on YouTube.) 

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