Joseph turns 2!

Joseph turned two on Sunday. Two?! How did a whole year fly by? 

He wasted no time finding his present. Now he's old enough to know what presents are and what to do with that wrapping paper. Rip it!

"Choo-choo" mouth.

We invited the neighbors over to grill for an easy Mother's Day dinner and cake. And we'll do it again next weekend for his bunny party with friends and family.

I love this age. I loved it with Will and I'm getting a kick out of Joseph now. Every day he grows and learns something new. Seeing the world through a little kid's eyes is one of my joys as a mother. While Will didn't have terrible twos (more like terrible threes and frustrating fours), I think Joseph is going to be a little more difficult to handle. We certainly need to work on the "sharing" concept. 

It's fun to see how different Joseph is from Will. Will likes company; Joseph can entertain himself. Will loved rocking to sleep; Joseph puts himself to sleep. While they are two different people, Joseph sure does want to do everything (EVERYTHING!) brother does. If brother falls down and needs a kiss on a scrap, Joseph is right behind him wanting a kiss. 

Joseph can ride just as fast as Will on the big scooter. Has a great vocabulary for his age. Is already throwing a football like a quarterback. Loves playing outside and blowing bubbles. Gives big, wet raspberries for kisses. Is awesome like his brother. 

There is only one problem with Joseph ... he is growing too fast!

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