Watch out Chattanooga, we're coming!

Things have been quiet at Pretty Little Nest. I didn't share the annual summer to-do list. Or post back-to-school photos. A recipe for watermelon ice and a lot more went unshared. You see, my husband was dismissed from his job in March. Nothing he did, regular old office politics he had nothing to do with. 

It didn't take long for our energy to be sapped by the ups and downs of  job interviews and the juggling of schedules as we worked pretty much any (legal) angle to make money. I have two part-time jobs but neither offers a regular schedule or benefits. Being on the edge is scary, stressful and no fun. We highly do not recommend it. And writing happy thoughts on this blog while all day long was worry after worry? Wasn't going to happen. I could have written more about our troubles but who wants to read that … we didn't even want to write it let alone read it!

Finally a job opportunity came and we're moving to Chattanooga! A city we know nothing about but everyone tells us it's amazing. We're look forward to learning just how amazing it is. 

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