Root for the home team

Rain threatened to shorten the game but quickly passed.

Joseph's favorite part was the popcorn. Game, what game? I've got popcorn.

Our Birmingham Barons are back home. Since 1987, they had been playing in the suburb of Hoover but deals were made, hands were shaken and the boys are back in town for the 2013 season. The new field is nice, very nice. And much closer to home. Close enough to hear the end-of-game fireworks but unfortunately, can't see them for the trees. 

Our neighbor across the street organized a night for all of us to go (What, you don't go places with your neighbors? Your neighbors are just not as fun as mine! More evidence here and here). Chris was ill and had to miss the game. Joseph was only interested in running up and down the stands. Since I was with my village, I was able to leave Will there to actually enjoy the game when it was clear Joseph was ready to leave. 

The best part of the whole entire night? Golf carts! Parking is hard to come by close to the field so some smartie came up with the idea to roam the surrounding streets on golf carts picking folks up for tips. Help me get my two kids to the game as they whine pick me up? Yes please! Deliver me right to my door in the dark? Yes indeed. That was worth a big tip.

Go Barons! Welcome home!

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