Random Thoughts Valentine's Edition

I made Chris some whiskey candies. Got the recipe at Olives for Dinner but left out the hot sauce. It was my first time making a hard candy and it was fairly easy. Washing the dishes coated with hard candy shell was the hardest part. Not sure if the candies have enough flavor. I think I will experiment with other liqueurs. I spy with my little eye a bottle of Grand Marnier hiding in the bar. 

Paste magazine has a list of the Top Anti-Valentine's Day films. Most I haven't seen. I think I would add "Mona Lisa Smile" since Kristin Dunst's character gets exactly what she deserves while getting exactly what she thinks she wanted, her Mrs. Degree (but no happy-ever after). However, if I was going to sit down to watch a soppy, sweet type of love story today, my choice might be "Stranger than Fiction" or the BBC miniseries "North & South" or "A Room with a View" or "Pride and Prejudice" (Colin Firth preferred but Matthew Macfadyen's not bad). So basically, any English period drama. 

Isn't this sweet? I got the idea in my head and took the boys to my friend Julia's paint it yourself pottery place (Actually name is Do*It*Yourself Crafts and it's awesome. You should go.). On one side is a thumbprint heart with handwriting by Will. On the other side, Joseph added some paint in blues and greens making the pendant reversible. Just a happy for this momma who loves anything they create (even when I'm the one making them create it). 

This morning, Rice Krispies treats and lego jedi light saber valentines were successfully delivered to Will's classroom. Followed by heart-shaped sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and you're dino-mite valentines for Joseph's classroom. (Oh yes, I'm THAT mom complete with the stereotype of frosting the cookies minutes before leaving for school). So now I have a messy kitchen and lots of cream cheese frosting to keep me company as I clean up. If you are still looking for Valentine's Day ideas, check out my Pinterest board. Lots of ideas and free printables. 

Seems lots of folks have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day. My wish for everyone is that we all find some joy today in ourselves and in those around us we love. Hugs to all y'all.


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!! totally totally impressed! :) (right there with you on the films)

  2. I adore that necklace and, of course, the sentiment behind it!

    P.S. How's that Etsy shop coming?! :)