I don't run

I went to the gym yesterday. I never go to the gym in January ... or most other months for that matter. Like most folks, I contempt making one or two lifestyle changes come New Year's Day. Then I wait patiently for all the other suckers to lose steam and clear out. I don't have time to put my name on a waiting list for a treadmill. 

For some unknown ghastly reason, I've decided that running is what I should be doing. A thin girlfriend told me long ago that it's the fastest way to lose weight. My friends that run are gorgeous. I don't want to be a gorgeous skinny-minny but fitting into my clothes would be nice. I've never been one to diet or really care about my weight. I'm not chasing any fads — I believe in the simple "eat less, move more" motto. My only problem is I've been eating more and moving less more and more. Carrying two babies certainly didn't help — the body is never quite the same after all the rearranging. 

I, maybe surprisingly, was on the track team in high school. It was a small school. You know how you do one or two years in junior varsity and then move to the varsity team. Yeah, not me. I never broke a 12-minute mile. Thankfully, I had soccer to get my varsity jacket. 

So I went to the gym yesterday. Been wanting to try out the Run 5k app. Seems pretty cool using jog/walk intervals to build endurance. After eight weeks, I should be able to run 30 minutes non-stop. I liked the idea of taking it slow. 

I lasted on Day One about five minutes. My legs said oh hells no. 

And after the gym? Chinese food and a donut. 


  1. OK, I admit I had a laugh at this. BUT, you shouldn't give up. When I first started running I could barely run 30 seconds without my lungs burning and me feeling like a wobbly mess. And guess what? I survived. And I still run*. Of course my peak was a few years ago... 2007 to be exact - Aprilish? - I ran a 30-something 5k. And then that Memorial Day I went and broke my ankle. It came back pretty quickly, but dang if I just don't care about speed anymore. But it does really help with losing weight. Also: I'm in the middle of a DietBet right now but I'll invite you to the next one. I've lost 72 percent of my goal weight so far! (The gist is four percent in four weeks, any way possible.) MyFitnessPal has been the only thing keeping me going cause getting in workouts is nigh impossible.

    *if you can count my saunter/jog/slog as a "run."