Friday find

I took a box of books to our 2nd & Charles last week. It's a huge used book store, the idea of the folks running Books-A-Million. What I like is they offer a higher buyback if you opt for store credit. Come on, we all know I'm just going to turn around and buy more books. I came home with three books — restraint! — including "What's for Lunch, Charley?" by Margaret Hodges, copyright 1961.

A quick scan at the book store convinced me it might be a fun read for Will. For a dollar, I can take a chance that we'll like it. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the publisher's price (on the price tag) was listed as $25.00. What? The other two books had $3.99 and $1. So I did some research. Folks have fond memories of it in the Amazon reviews. And sure enough, the resale prices are pretty high. I'm going to consider it quite a find. 

How about you ... any good finds lately?

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