What are they?!

I briefly mentioned that I have a part-time gig holding babies at Joseph's school (yep, paid to hold babies!). I'm changing diapers and fixing bottles until the nursery teacher returns from maternity leave. I was worried about juggling several babies at once but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected. Yea me for taking on a new challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone!

The babies and I like playing with the nursery's crazy alphabet blocks. I build, they knock down. Whee! No telling how old they are or how long they have been in the room. Aren't the drawings just wild? Dog? Seal? I think that one's a horse. Do kids today know what a candlestick holder is or a cable car? The real mystery is that block in the lower left hand corner. What is that? A helmet? Futuristic pod house on stilts? Will flipped it and says it's a boat. Any and all guesses welcome.


  1. it's a monorail! http://www.startedbyamouse.com/features/Monorails.shtml

  2. I only figured it out because you mentioned the cable car and at first I thought you were talking about that one.

  3. Who the heck puts a monorail on a ABC block?! Must find out when/where these were made!