More words on the wall

Recently my friend Amy* mentioned in a Facebook post she was looking at book wreaths on Etsy. Then another friend commented she would like one too. Knowing they aren't too hard to make (here's mine), I told them to pick a design, pick a night and pick up a bottle of wine. I would bring all the supplies. We got together last Monday at Amy's and had a good time talking and ripping books apart. I think the finished products look great. I think my friends like them too. Carla Jean has already posted about her wreath. And she has better pictures!**

Now what can we get together and make next?

*Okay this is were the internet and FB are cool. Amy and I have only been friends on FB. I don't know how I started reading her blog but it's hilarious. So the night we got together to craft was the first time we had ever met in person. Awkward? No, it's like I've known this cool chick forever. Carla Jean and I at least had a history being former co-workers. Weird fact from the night: We all arrived in Birmingham the same year. 

**Seriously, I keep cleaning my phone but I'm blaming sticky little boy hands for the fuzzy quality. I'm the momma, I can do that. 


  1. It may sound cheesy, but I'm kind of honored that I was present for y'all's first in-person meeting. Which reminds me, I've been thinking about writing a blog entry about the Internet's role in relationships (mine in particular) ...