More acorns — clay and candles

Chris and I marked our 8th anniversary in October. I like the traditional gift list so up this year was pottery. I love pottery. I've collected a good bit — yard sales and thrift stores are great places to start a collection — but I'll admit, I'm not always sure how to decorate with it. But that doesn't keep me from admiring the craftsmanship of my friends Julie in North Carolina and Wade right down the street. Chris got together with Wade to create a one-of-a-kind piece for our anniversary. I know my No. 1 fan (Hi Mom!) wanted to see pictures ...

Wow! It's gorgeous! And what makes it even more special, Chris wrote a sweet message on the bottom. Once again I am very impressed with how much talent lives on my street (musicians, actors, sculptors and more). If you want your own pretty piece, Wade exhibits at various annual shows — Moss Rock, Magic City Art Connection, Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival to name a few. 

Now, what to do with it? Right now it is filled with finds from a nature walk — acorns, nuts, pinecones. I've been wanting to make floating acorn candles forever. At least since I saw the idea on Pinterest. But I told myself I had to wait until after the craft show. I decided yesterday I had waited long enough and my new bowl was a perfect vessel for the candles.

Didn't really follow any directions, very much winged it. I basically did it the same way as Tonia at The Gunny Sack if you want to make your own. I found it easier to light a taper and then let the wax drip into the acorn cap. My second batch I melted an old beeswax candle in a double boiler which took forever and was not easy to pour into the caps. 

Sure they don't burn for long but aren't they pretty?!

Do not leave these beauties unattended! We found that as the flame got closer to the acorn caps, they did have a tendency to catch fire. Made for an exciting dinner!

(Linked to the Creative Me party at The Southern Institute)


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