Halloween 2011

Ninjas are very secretive. You won't know one's there until it's too late ...

Much thanks to Nana for putting together Will's awesome costume.

Joseph has been a little more difficult in the costume department. 
First the conversation went like this:

Me: "Joseph, what do you want to be for Halloween?"
Joseph: "I want Halloween candy." 

Eventually he got the "dress-up to get candy" idea and first said tiger, and then elephant ... now we have a lion costume which I would love to for him to wear. My Aunt Lenora made it for her son James originally and he's in college now! Will has worn it too. Thanks to Nana, we also have an elephant hat to pair with warm grey sweats. Whether Joseph will wear either costume come trick-or-treat time is anyone's guess. He did not want to wear a costume to his school party. He did not want me to take his picture the one time I did get him in the full lion costume. If he doesn't want to wear a costume, that's fine. I've got a generic Halloween shirt ready to stand in. Regardless of what he wears, he's bound to get plenty of candy.

Come on, who wouldn't give him candy?!

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  1. I love the ninja costume! My son also wanted this one for Halloween. Unfortunately, I have only seen ninja adult costumes.